Employment Agreements in Tennessee | Here’s What to Know

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If you are in the workforce, it is highly likely that you will encounter an employment agreement. Continue reading and reach out to a skilled Knoxville employment agreement attorney to learn more about them.

What are the different types of employment agreements offered in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, there are a number of different kinds of employment agreements that employers may request their employees to sign throughout the course of their employment. Keep in mind that most of these agreements are generally signed before the commencement of employment, however, there are some that can be signed at any time. Some of the most common types of employment agreements include, and are not limited to:

  1. Non-disclosure agreements: In most cases, if an employee is subject to sensitive or private information in his or her role, the employer will likely ask the employee to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Most of these agreements state that the employee is prohibited from making private company information public. This can incorporate trade secrets, client information, and more. The penalties for violating a non-disclosure agreement are usually in the agreement.
  2. Non-compete agreements: The purpose of a non-compete agreement is to make sure that an employee does not acquire field-specific information or trade secrets, quit their job, and apply that insider knowledge to a competing company or start their own company in a similar area. In many cases, non-compete agreements are fair both to the employer and the employee. But, there are some cases where these agreements can be unfair to employees. Generally, non-compete agreements include both time and geography limits. In the event that a non-compete agreement is too large in scope or otherwise unreasonable, it is in your best interest to reach out to a skilled employment agreement attorney right away.
  3. Severance agreements: This kind of contract can be a huge perk for employees. Essentially, when a company fires an employee, they may offer their employee a severance package. The severance package offers the employee monetary compensation for a certain period of time until they are capable of obtaining a new job. However, severance agreements are not always in the employee’s best interests. This is because when you sign a severance agreement, you are obtaining all terms of the agreement, and some of those terms may be to your employer’s advantage. For example, if you think that you were wrongfully released from your job, the severance agreement may include a clause limiting you from taking legal action against the company. If you sign the agreement, you will receive monetary compensation, however, you will be incapable of filing a wrongful termination claim.


If you need a Knoxville workers’ compensation lawyer or employment law attorney, Morris & Doolan is here to support you. Our firm has significant experience representing clients facing a wide range of workers’ compensation matters, including denial of benefits, appeals, and third-party lawsuits. If you need a Tennessee employment lawyer, we are experienced in handling matters ranging from discrimination and sexual harassment to wrongful termination and FMLA. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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